Alohadoo offers a range of services dedicated to wellness & mental health.

Alohadoo is here to...

  • Help me : assess and monitor my level of well-being,
  • Identify when I need help and support,
  • Easily share information with my therapists.
  • Inform me daily about mental health,
  • Provide advice to improve my quality of life,
  • Keep me aware of the challenges and innovations of the sector.
  • Make a habit of giving myself time every day,
  • Get to know myself better and interact better with others
  • Writing my life philosophy step by step.

Easy & Mobile

Alohadoo is a prevention, education, and wellness monitoring tool that will follow you everywhere. It offers a single address for all your screens (computer, tablet, smartphone). It serves as the ideal partner to accompany a process of introspection, improvement of quality of life, or exchange with therapists.

I try


Alohadoo also serves as a solution for companies looking to encourage or assist their employees in taking care of all aspects of their health. With just a few clicks, they can provide them with an information and monitoring service for their well-being.


Our offers*



  • Limited version
  • 1 account
  • 1 month historical data
  • Sending email with results (table)
  • 1 dashboard (depression)
  • Limited access to content
  • FAQ access
  • With advertising


8.15 €/month excl. tax

  • Included features in Free
  • Unlimited historical data**
  • Sending email with graphical results
  • + 1 dashboard of your choice
  • Unlimited access to content**
  • Audio version of articles & Cogito
  • FAQ access & support by email
  • Without advertising

Basic 12

63.0 €/year excl. tax

  • 1 year commitment
  • Included features in Basic
  • 12 months of access at 5.25€/month excl. tax

Save 35%


Starting from

9.0 €/month/user excl. tax

  • Decreasing price (number of users)
  • 1 Enterprise account included
  • Account management tool
  • Enterprise dashboard
  • 1 Basic account per subscribed licence
*all prices are excluding taxes; the currency will be determined by the Country of your account
**only available for the duration of the subscription