Symptoms of Depression

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The signs of depression can be recognized in behavior, emotions and the presence of certain thoughts.

Depression is usually manifested by a sad mood, loss of the ability to feel pleasure, and general fatigue. Other disorders may be added to these 1st signs: sleep disorders, appetite disorders, psychomotor slowing, guilt, self-devaluation, concentration disorder, recurrent thoughts of death.
Below, you'll find a categorized list of signs you might identify. If you have experienced several of the signs and symptoms in at least three of the categories below for more than 2 weeks, you may be depressed.

However, it is important to remember that we all experience some of these symptoms from time to time. Their presence does not necessarily mean that you are depressed. Similarly, not everyone with depression has all of these symptoms. If you are in doubt, talk to your doctor.

Physical symptoms

  • being tired all the time
  • feeling sick and exhausted
  • having trouble sleeping
  • loss or change of appetite
  • significant weight loss or gain
  • headaches and muscle aches
  • stomach aches

Behavioral signs

  • getting away from family and friends
  • don't go out anymore
  • not doing usual pleasurable activities
  • not getting things done (work, school, etc.)
  • have difficulty concentrating
  • using alcohol or sedatives as a palliative


  • to feel unhappy, sad
  • to feel overwhelmed
  • lack of self-confidence
  • to feel miserable
  • to feel indecisive
  • to feel guilty
  • to feel frustrated
  • to be irritable
  • to feel disappointed


  • Nothing good ever happens to me
  • It's all my fault
  • I am a mistake
  • The world would be better off without me
  • I am useless
  • I'm worth nothing
  • life is not worth it

If you think you have depression, talk to your doctor. Health professionals will help you and guide you towards an appropriate approach.

The depression screening questionnaire is not a diagnosis but can help you better understand how you are feeling.

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