Mental health questionnaires: why use them?

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Mental health questionnaires play a crucial role in understanding your mental state, family history, risk factors, and any potential disorders. Mental health problems can affect your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Early identification can help you better manage your mental state and minimize its impact on your life. Regularly completing a mental health questionnaire is a good way to track changes in your state over time.

Mental health disorders are common and can affect everyone. Various mental health questionnaires exist to help identify signs and symptoms of common issues such as depression, anxiety, burnout, and addictions.

The Alohadoo website offers questionnaires and articles for monitoring and learning about these disorders. By honestly answering these questionnaires, you can gain a clear idea of your risk for these conditions. It will also help your healthcare team better understand your overall health and, if necessary, propose appropriate follow-up.

The results of the questionnaires provide you with an overview of your risk level for certain mental health disorders. However, it is important to note that a questionnaire cannot formally diagnose a condition. Only a qualified healthcare professional can make a diagnosis. It's also important to understand that mental disorders can affect each person differently.

If the results of your questionnaires indicate a risk of mental health issues, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional to discuss them. It's important to ask questions and share your symptoms or concerns with your care team.

Your doctor will ask you questions to gain an understanding of your situation, symptoms, and their impact on you. Therefore, it is recommended to:

- Keep track of your symptoms and their duration (results of the questionnaire, mood changes, sleep disturbances, etc.)
- Share significant events in your life (bereavement, job changes, emotional instability, illness, etc.)
- Share your medical history and recent test results
- Share the treatments you are currently taking

A mental health questionnaire is a useful tool to adopt. It will guide you on the necessary steps to take, such as noting your symptoms or consulting a doctor.

For your well-being, incorporate mental health questionnaires into your habits 😃